First reality horror movie ‘Kuta’ explores the mystical Mt. Banahaw

What if you have a chance to win P500,000 just by vlogging? But the catch is… your vlog or video blog must catch a ghost on camera. Would you still grab it?

Kuta is the first reality horror movie in the Philippines produced by ECL Multimedia Productions. The film stars Buboy Villar, Krissy Achino, Nico Locco, Renerich Ocon, Pearl Gonzales and Jelai Andres. Directed by Omar Deroca. It will be available starting August 22 on KTX.PH.

Watch how producer Elaine Lozano describe their upcoming movie:


Five social media influencers are invited to a private resort in a remote province to create a series of promotional posts highlighting the resort owned by a mysterious benefactor. The resort is said to be haunted. Part of the competition is to catch the ghost on camera and whoever had a clear shot of the phantom gets 500,000 pesos.

But what turns out to be a prank show set up by the social media star turns horrifying as the group stumble out of the confines of the resort and into the jungle something monstrous awaits. As the group travels deep into the woods, they come face to face with horror and the bloodcurdling realization that their quest for fame might end up costing them their lives.

As they go missing one by one, a secret is revealed and all hope is lost. Until the inevitable conclusion when they realize the TRUE purpose of their being here.

The film is shot in the mystical Mount Banahaw which is located at the boundary of Laguna and Quezon Province.

Preparation for the role:

Knowing that they’ll be locked in the location, which is Mt. Banahaw, for one week, what are the preparations of the cast?

Nico Locco: Wala akong preparations. Kasi it’s a reality movie, so the characters that they had created for us are pretty much ourselves, our personalities. Aside from my character being an environmentalist and pushing for sustainable energy, those were added to the character. But there wasn’t too much preparation, I was just trying to wrap my mind with the fact that there’s a white lady because honestly, I don’t believe in these types of things. Nahirapan ako with that part but other than that, wala naman preparations, madali lang.

Renerich Ocon: Ako, minimal lang. Kasi nakapag-script reading na kami so ramdam ko na. Pero ang binigay ni Ma’am Elaine sa’kin hindi lahat. Mga first few scripts lang para mas authentic ‘yung reactions namin all throughout. Inabangan ko din si kuya Bong (local shaman), makakatulong siya sa anxiety ko, may fear talaga ako sa ganung lugar.

Krissy Achino: Ako, ‘yung preparations ko, kasi ‘yung mom ko, naniniwala siya kasi we’re from Bacolod, so alam mo na, taga probinsya. Here kasi sa Metro Manila hindi masyadong pinapaniwalaan. ‘Yung physical na preparations, hindi naman ako nagpapayat, hindi naman kailangan na sexy, as is daw. Ang preparations na ginawa ko, nag-clear ako ng thoughts kasi sabi nila kapag heavy daw ‘yung nararamdaman mo, pwede kang lapitan (supernatural creatures). So ako, as much as possible, I went there with happy thoughts, pumunta ako nang walang iniisip na problema, tinapos ko lahat ng deliverables para pagdating dun, I’m focused. Kasi feeling ko, with the script we have read, it will take us a lot more energy, talagang made-drain kami, seven days kami in the mountains. Clear mind, clear soul.

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