Company behind the biggest horror franchise in the world to distribute MMFF 2023 movie ‘Mallari’

“Ang favorite line ni Bryan (of Mentorque Productions) during our meeting, “the stars have aligned.” My version is, “some things are meant to happen.” So when my bosses from the regional office came over a few months ago, the new directives given to me was to look out for local movies that will be worth …

The Biggest Historical Film of the New Decade: ‘GOMBURZA’ To Reignite the Fire in Filipinos’ Hearts

Over the past decade, a cinematic tapestry of epic historical narrative has left a spellbinding connection with a majority of Filipino audiences. As the curtains rise on the 49th Metro Manila Film Festival, anticipation rises for a new historical masterpiece destined to rekindle the flames in the hearts of its audiences — ‘GOMBURZA.’ 

In cinemas December 25, 2023 from JesCom Films, CMB Film Services and MQuest Ventures.