MOVIE REVIEW: Angela Markado (2015)

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ANGELA MARKADO (2015) Review
Directed by Carlo J Caparas

It’s hard not to expect a film to be bad from watching its trailer but Angela Markado is not surprisingly an exemption. The film doesn’t seem to want a solid story, it just wants to play with its premise that everything felt like a joke. It is excruciatingly bad, you find yourself making fun of the film just to enjoy every bit of it, even veteran actors looked amateur in their chosen craft. It wants to be edgy with interesting plots and having twists and turns but it turned out to be sloppy. Carlo J Caparas, while being the writer of its source material doesn’t look fit enough to direct an adaptation of his work.

It’s not disappointing if you’re not expecting anything but it’s a disgrace to the original film that Lino Brocka directed. Maybe a remake is not a bad idea but at least make it decent enough that it’s actually watchable. Andi Eigenmann’s acting isn’t helping the viewers to get through the awful movie experience. Only Mika Dela Cruz’s performance is notable in the film that her scene is the only one that tries to be decent. Whether it was rushed or forced, Angela Markado is an unnecessary remake.

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.5 Star

“Angela Markado” opens December 2, 2015 in Philippine cinemas nationwide from Oro De Siete Films, distributed by Viva Films. Rated R-13 by the MTRCB.

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