‘Haunted Mansion,’ A Strong Contender for Best Picture, Janella Salvador, A Shoo-In for Best Actress

Multi-awarded director Jun Lana made sure that Regal Entertainment’s Metro Manila Film Festival entry, ‘Haunted Mansion,’ is tops not just in the technical aspect but in the acting department as well.

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This year’s biggest horror movie topbills Janella Salvador, Marlo Mortel and Jerome Ponce with senior actors Iza Calzado, Dominic Ochoa and Janice De Belen.

Lana is an expert at giving what the horror films audience go for. Haunted Mansion boasts of non-stop horrifying scenes and state-of-the-art sound effects. Editing is also fast-paced while the cinematography fits the movie’s mood perfectly.

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Moviegoers will be hooked to the scenes shot in the eerie mansion. They must watch out for Lana’s superb execution of the scene where the haunted mansion’s dark secret is finally revealed.

It is as gory as a terrifying scene can get with the teenage characters suffering the wrath of the ghosts they disturbed.

Janella and Iza’s confrontation scene serves as one of the film’s highlights.

Observers say Lana is evidently inspired while shooting ”HM” maybe because he got all-out support from the mother-daughter team of Lily and Roselle Monteverde.

After seeing the rushes of Haunted Mansion, Mother Lily and Roselle are convinced they did the right in fielding the movie in this year’s MMFF instead of an instalment of the highly-successful Shake, Rattle & Roll franchise.

This early, Lana is predicted to be a stronger for the best trophy, coming fresh from twin victories in Russia and India.

Regal also made the right move in picking showbiz newbie Janella her first big screen break. Kibitzers say she fits the role of the teenager gifted with a third eye to a T and that she may be a shoo-in for the best actress plum.

25 Haunted Mansion

Barkadas and families will surely shake, rattle and roll in fear once ‘Haunted Mansion’ opens in cinemas nationwide this Christmas, December 25.

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