MOVIE REVIEW: Before I Wake (2016)

BEFORE I WAKE (2016) Review
Directed by Mike Flanagan

Before Jacob Tremblay became one of the world’s cutest and young actors to look forward to, “Before I Wake” was already finished and was about to be released. But due to Relativity’s bankruptcy, the film’s release had to be halted for almost a year.

Turning his dreams to reality would seem a gift until you get to experience his nightmares. Before I Wake’s plot is original but it doesn’t live up to the potential of itself. The film keeps it down low, simple and tries to be as personal to its characters as much as possible. While that may be a smart thing to do, it doesn’t try to be as scary as the possibilities it can explore. And it ended in an anticlimactic way that is underwhelming for the film’s potential in giving the audience more than just a new story.

The scares are not as many as you may expect or at least want it to give, even the tension and suspense aren’t built for the audience to have a more thrilling ride. It is disappointing overall, the idea of turning a child’s nightmares real gives you exciting thoughts but it end up being another could-have-been-good horror film.

Maybe there’s a lot to it but due to budget issues, they had to make it smaller than what they’ve originally planned but like what the director and actors of 2015’s Fantastic Four said that they have a perfect film that the audience wouldn’t see, like Josh Trank’s Chronicle, Mike Flanagan will always have Oculus.

15 Before I Wake


2.5 Stars

“Before I Wake” is now showing in Philippine cinemas, locally distributed by MVP Entertainment Philippines and VIVA International Pictures. Rated R-13 by the MTRCB.

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