“Pwera Usog” Review: Effective Jump Scares, Fun Roller Coaster Ride

PWERA USOG (2017) Review
Directed by Jason Paul Laxamana

Doing a horror film for the first time, although there’s a part in Magkakabaung that was creepier than some horror films, writer and director Jason Paul Laxamana tries to offer more than jump scares in his latest film Pwera Usog.

It’s hard to remember the last Filipino horror film that actually made me jump out of my seat, and it didn’t took long for the film to do that. Suffice to say, Pwera Usog has what a horror film needs when it comes to scares. But the scares aren’t the best thing about the film though.

You could definitely say that this is a horror film, but the story is not constructed the traditional way like most Filipino horror movies. It feels original at times that the superstition elements in the film are given a fresh take. And because the story is happening as it is, while there’s a need to feed the audience for a brief background of its villain, the film ultimately doesn’t bother having the need to explain further or waste time digging deeper because it already has a lot to offer.

It’s fun, a horror film that knows how to have fun. That works because it stays true to its characters and you won’t feel irritated by a sudden stupid decision of a person in the film which is one of the worst thing a horror film usually does.

It might not make sense sometimes but some superstition does not make sense today, and the film gives the audience a different take on how to deal with these type of superstitions gone wrong movies.

There’s action, there are scares and also laughs, Pwera Usog keeps the audience entertained from start to finish. Some of it might not work for everyone, especially the nasty blood and saliva the film often shows, but the total of it will be remembered for its genuine intention to keep the audience engaged from start to finish.

The cast are all effective with their respective roles, but the one that stood out was Devon Seron as Luna. It was not surprising for her to actually pull off something that difficult, it’s that this is the first opportunity that was given to her to really show her talents. It was no joke portraying the role of Luna and she was remarkable playing it.



3.5 stars

“Pwera Usog” is now showing in cinemas nationwide from Regal Entertainment, Inc. Rated R-13 by the MTRCB.

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