The It Girls Are In Danger in “The Debutantes” Full Trailer

Regal Entertainment, Inc. and The IdeaFirst Company are back together with a new horror movie from director Prime Cruz (Ang Manananggal sa Unit 23B). “The Debutantes” starring Sue Ramirez, Miles Ocampo, Michelle Vito, Jane de Leon, Chanel Morales and Paolo Gumabao.

Check out the just released full trailer here:

The film is about Kate (Sue Ramirez) is a strange and friendless girl who wants to be friends with the popular girls in school – Lara (Miles Ocampo), Jenny (Jane de Leon), Candice (Michelle Vito) and Shayne (Chanel Morales).

Kate has one confidant, Wenah, her chilhood friend. Kate starts having strange dreams about the girls dying. Kate tries to warn the girls in order ot save them, but they don’t listen to her.

Will they find out the curse cast on them before they turned 18?

“The Debutantes” opens in Philippine cinemas October 4, 2017 from Regal Entertainment, Inc. and The IdeaFirst Company.

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