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WATCH: #MMFF2017 Official Entry “Haunted Forest” Full Trailer

Days left until Christmas arrives which also means the Metro Manila Film Festival is also upon us.

The only horror film in the film festival has released its full trailer.

Haunted Forest tells the story of Aris and his estranged daughter, Nica. When Aris was reassigned, he immediately starts on a case investigating a murder which is staged similarly to the death of a childhood friend that haunts him. While his father is away, Nica, her cousin and her local friends went for an outing where she started to get weird things happen to her. She tries to shake it off at first, but it gets worse day after day.

Starring Jane Oineza, Jameson Blake, Maris Racal, Jon Lucas, Raymart Santiago and Joey Marquez, the film is directed by Ian Lorenos (Mano Po: Chinoy) and is produced and distributed by Regal Entertainment, Inc.

25 Haunted Forest

“Haunted Forest” opens in cinemas nationwide December 25, 2017. An official entry to the 43rd Metro Manila Film Festival.

Here are screenshots from the trailer:

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