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Award-Winning Film “Changing Partners” Releases New Trailer, Gets January 31 Wide Release

Ikaw si Alex, Ikaw Si Cris. Ako si Alex, Ako si Cris.

Dan Villegas’ film adaptation of Vincent de Hesus’ musical drama “Changing Partners” is getting a wide release on January 31, 2018 after its successful run during the Cinema One Originals Film Festival last November 2017.

Based on the Palanca Award-winning musical play by Vincent de Jesus, Changing Partners film adaptation tells the love relationship story of couple Alex and Cris at the period of breaking up. Film tells the story in 4 relationship variations. Changing Partners is a falling out love story of Alex and Cris, told in changing gender pairings. It shows the ups and downs of a domestic partnership based on the musical play by Vincent De Jesus. Where joys turns to pains in scathing and dramatic talks and encounters interspersed with songs.

The film stars Agot Isidro, Sandino Martin, Jojit Lorenzo and Anna Luna. Watch the trailer for the wide release below:

“Changing Partners” opens in cinemas nationwide January 31, 2018, to be distributed by Star Cinema.

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