#Cinemalaya2018: Ignorance to the Nightmarish Events During Martial Law Led to the Making of “ML”

It takes guts to write, produce and film a movie about Martial Law today. Not only does history being re-written today, more are uneducated of the events and chose to rely on Facebook memes and fake news. Brave are those who still choose to tell their stories amid the hate, the bashing and sometimes, worse.

So why did Benedict Mique write and direct a movie that would endanger him? It’s because of ignorance. The ignorance of the youth today of what really happened during the nightmarish Martial Law. 

Cinemalaya ML 000
“ML” director Bendict Mique, Cast Eddie Garcia, Tony Labrusca

“May inaanak ako, kasi 43 na ako eh. May inaanak ako, nag-post siya sa Facebook, ang sabi niya ‘Buti pa ‘nung Martial Law.’ ‘Yung mga ganoon, na kumakalat that happened mga two and a half years ago,” director Mique tells the media. “So nagulat ako. Sabi ko, nag-type ako, ‘I think you should read more books and talk to more people,” he ends.

So the work clearly wants to be a wake up call to those who were misinformed, or those who chose to believe that it was the golden age of the Philippines and other lies we normally see spreading on the internet.

Watch our interview below:

About ML

Confronted by a frustrated History professor, Carlo sets out to prove that Martial law wasn’t all that bad and looks for someone who lived through that period to tell the tale. He meets Colonel, an old reclusive living alone in a ramshackle house in Carlo’s neighborhood. With his best friend  Jaze and his girl friend Pats, Carlo visits the old man to interview him about what truly happened during the Marcos regime – a visit that may put the lives of the three teenagers in danger. To truly learn about the horrors of Martial Law, do teenagers today have to pay the ultimate price?

Martial Law stars Eddie Garcia, Tony Labrusca, Liane Valentino, Henz Villaraiz, Jojit Lorenzo, Rafa Siguion-Reyna, Chanel Latorre and more. Directed by Benedict Mique. An official entry to the Cinemalaya Independent Film Festival.

Here are the screening schedules:

August 4, 12:45PM – CCP Studio Theater
August 5, 6:15PM – CCP Main Theater (GALA NIGHT)
August 6, 9:00PM – CCP Studio Theater
August 7, 3:30PM – CCP Main Theater
August 8, 3:30PM – CCP Little Theater
August 9, 3:30PM – CCP Studio Theater
August 10, 10:00AM – CCP Main Theater
August 11, 12:45PM – CCP Little Theater

Greenbelt 1
August 4, 7:00PM
August 8, 4:30PM
August 12, 9:30PM

Glorietta 4
August 6, 7:00PM
August 9, 4:30PM
August 11, 9:30PM

Legazpi Cinema
August 5, 7:00PM
August 7, 2:00PM
August 10, 9:30PM

TriNoma Cinema
August 6, 7:00PM
August 9, 4:30PM
August 11, 9:30PM

UP Town Center
August 4, 7:00PM
August 8, 4:30PM
August 12, 9:30PM

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