#Cinemalaya2019 | ‘Edward’ Review: A Well-Done Coming-of-Age Film

EDWARD (2019) Review
Directed by Thop Nazareno

It was frustrating having to watch three Cinemalaya full-length entries and not liking at least one of them genuinely. Thanks to Thop Nazareno’s coming-of-age movie ‘Edward,’ our Cinemalaya experience went fulfilling.

Edward gets you engaged on its story and characters. You’re engrossed, following this character, what he does, who he meets and what he feels. It’s how good stories are told from people who are really effective at telling them. I’m that hooked with its story.

What’s also best about it is its lead actor Louise Abuel. This is not his first acting project but I believe this is his first serious work as a teenager. At the age of 15 years, the rawness he have shown in the film is sensational that you, as a viewer, begin to feel what his character Edward feels.

Elijah Canlas, Dido de la Paz and Ella Cruz’s performances are also worth mentioning. This wouldn’t be a well-done film if it wasn’t for them as well.

It’s far from typical, far from formula but you still feel at home with its story. There’s just no pretensions here, you feel the dedication in order to deliver its story the way it should be. You can call it a slice of life or maybe the most romantic story ever told if you’re extreme like in some of the story’s choices but it just puts there the reality of how a person reacts when everyone he loves is leaving him and when he gets that bright light he’s been waiting for in his life which changes him, he’ll do whatever it takes he thinks is best for that person.

Are you getting me? To put it simply, I loved every bit of Edward. It took me to a worthwhile experience and brought me back to those feelings I had when I had my first crush, my first love and took me to those feelings I have for my parents, the fear of losing them.

Thop Nazareno continues to tell stories about loss and complicated family stories in a light and unexpectedly engaging way. Kiko Boksingero was such a charmer and Edward will not disappoint.

Cinemalaya Edward Poster


4.5 stars

‘Edward’ is an official entry to the Cinemalaya Independent Film Festival.

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