Creepy Supernatural Horror Series ‘After Dark’ is Perfect for the Halloween Season

I’m currently at episode two now and I’m not sure if my heart can take until episode 13.

WeTV’s original series After Dark, while being a Thai horror series, can capture any audience especially the horror ones because its mysteries doesn’t feel foreign at all. This is because of how the story is unfolding. While we’re unfamiliar with their culture, their folklores, their myths, they are unfolding the story as if they are introducing a character going through his or her daily life and then suddenly ran out of luck .

When the night falls, humans are more of a threat. Composed of 4 interlinked horror stories:

“Blind Date”: Pink, a dating app addict, meets Q, a mysterious handsome guy. They establish a deep connection that ends up with Pink having a strange pregnancy which haunts her until the end.

“Requiem of the Adolescent”: Lada, a nurse hired with a vast amount of money to take care of Her Serene Highness Srisaang. Her terrors awake when her patient abnormally gets better.

“Death Channel”: Off and Boat, a successful youtuber and an idol team up to create a paranormal activity channel that has been sponsored by an anonymous user, they never know what is waiting.

“Into the Hole”: Chai, a charismatic person is a one-night stand expert in hopes to record a sex tape to earn a dime. Then he meets Dao, a charming woman. His mischievous behavior continues, but this time it would not be as easy as before.

A new character was introduced in the first few minutes of episode two but we’re still following the story of Pink (Sakun Kanyapak Pongsak). I actually remember the storyline of the 2014 supernatural psychological film ‘It Follows,’ where a curse follows you when you have intercourse with someone who has it.

The atmosphere is scary, it’s as if there’s always something terrifying going to happen. I think this is the first series or work of Sakun Kanyapak that I have seen and I’m really loving her performance here. The direction is smooth and the story gets more and more interesting.

I’m just having a hard time finding time to watch when there’s still sun. But I’m definitely wanting more.

After Dark airs every Saturday at 9PM. Exclusively on iflix and WeTV.

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