Critically-acclaimed film ‘Bambanti’ to stream on Netflix

After six years, the critically-acclaimed film of Zig Dulay is finally coming to streaming service this 2021. Bambanti starring Alessandra de Rossi, Micko Laurente and Shamaine Buencamino will be streaming on Netflix starting July 1st. Check out the screenshot of the preview on the Netflix app below:

Bambanti questions the prejudice of the rich towards the poor when a son of a househelp is suspected to have stolen the employer’s missing golden watch.

Bambanti premiered in the Philippines at the 2015 Sinag Maynila Film Festival. Best actress for Alessandra de Rossi and Best Film. It also won Indie Movie of the Year, Indie Movie Director of the Year, Movie Child Performer of the Year, Indie Movie Production Designer of the Year and Indie Movie Original Theme Song of the Year at the Star Awards for Movies in 2016. It was also nominated at the Nantes Three Continents Festival top award Golden Montgolfiere in Nantes, France in 2015.

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