MOVIE REVIEW: Knock Knock (2015)

Knock Knock 03

Directed by Eli Roth

You know that feeling that even though you’re annoyed by how naive and stupid the protagonist is, you’re still glued to the screen because you’re dying to know what happens next? That’s Knock Knock. The film maybe intended to intrigue and annoy the viewers, the actors helped to achieve that goal a lot. It’s fun for what it is, not minding the better option for the lead character for the story to keep going.

The film works as a very effective distraction, it takes more than attention to figure out how or why things are going that direction. It’s not simple, it’s too complicated. While we may not entirely get where Evan Webber’s (Reeves) brain is in the story, we could enjoy ourselves sulking of the decisions made by him which maybe the purpose of the movie.

21 Knock Knock

OUR RATING: 2 out of 5 Stars

2 Stars

“Knock Knock” opens October 21 in Philippine cinemas nationwide from Octoarts Films International. Rated R-16 and R-18 by the MTRCB.

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