MOVIE REVIEW: Nilalang (2015)

Nilalang 10

Directed by Pedring Lopez

Pedring Lopez, fresh from his horror-thriller film Binhi which was released earlier this year got impressive feedback due to the film’s impressive technicalities and ability to provide an eerie atmosphere. He then applies those to the Metro Manila Film Festival entry, Nilalang.

Nilalang offers beautifully shot sequences, above average Filipino film visual effects and pretty sick make-up and prosthetics. The film though, lacks a decent story, one that would equate the looks the film presents. The potential it possesses is visible in every sequence but is easily turned down by its inability to tell something as tasteful as its images. Cesar Montano may look like he’s the right person for the role but the character isn’t written to be something people will follow until the film ends.

The thing is, Nilalang looks cool. Its rich appearance seems to be its priority that it forgets to have substance. You might enjoy its stunning visual effects that is too impressive to miss. Even Maria Ozawa and Cesar Montano are upstaged by the film’s grand production and detailed visual effects. Meg Impreial does more in making the scenes interesting though. Her presence, her character seems to be the only one that wants to make things happen or does things to make something happen. Wishing the film was more than just the looks and the style, something the audience will get thrilled and be taken away by its suspenseful story. But unfortunately, it wasn’t.

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2 Stars

“Nilalang” is now showing in Philippine cinemas nationwide from VIVA Films, Parallax Studios, welovepost, Blackops and Haunted Tower Pictures. Rated R-16 by the MTRCB.

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