“Coco” Review: A Colorful and Emotional Adventure

COCO (2017) Review
Directed by Lee Unkirch, Adrian Molina

It’s quite impossible not to give in to Pixar’s latest offering. Because it’s about finding your place and reaching for your dreams. Whether you’re too familiar with how the story was told, or the twist isn’t that surprising at all, Coco definitely will give you a colorful and emotional ride.

The animation feels rather different than Pixar’s previous presentations. In the film, we see young Miguel (Anthony Gonzales) being in a family who despises singing or anything related to music because of what happened in the past. But nothing can stop Miguel’s passion for music and his curiosity of his roots. However, fate brings him to a world where he finds more than what he desires.

After a disappointing offering last year, Pixar returns in full form. An original film that is hitting all the right notes. You get to be amazed at the colors it exhibits, the youthful vibe and warmth it produces.

This is the perfect film for the family. Not only that it points out the importance of culture but also tradition and most especially family. It’s that peculiar adventure that leads to something emotionally fulfilling. We may see and feel something familiar but telling the story of a 12-year old aspiring musician through the backdrop of Dia de  Los Muertos, which in Spanish is Dia de Muertos aka Day of the Dead is truly breathtaking. Not only our eyes are full but also our hearts.



4.5 stars

“Coco” is now showing in cinemas nationwide from Walt Disney Studios, locally distributed by Columbia Pictures. Rated G by the MTRCB.

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