“Pitch Perfect 3” Review: Redundant but Still Fun



PITCH PERFECT 3 (2017) Review
Directed by Trish Sie

The bellas are back for one last hurrah in Pitch Perfect 3, a sequel everyone anticipated but will not be appreciated by some.

The first one really was a surprise. Not only did its stars become breakout artists that year, the songs went immortal for some (including me). So, a sequel is, of course, on its way already but for a group of college girls competing as an acapella group, one might think it’s crazy for the franchise to come up with another one especially almost everyone graduated already. But of course, Hollywood has more surprises on its sleeves.

Pitch Perfect 3 is definitely for its fans. Not that everyone else won’t enjoy it but because the film clearly holds on to what made the first two special, the girls and the music. As for the story, don’t fix what isn’t broken, right? But that wasn’t actually the case here.

While the formula for the first two still worked here, and inserting a little action added more fun, Pitch Perfect 3 felt a little tired. But these characters and their performances are just fun to watch, everything is pure entertainment. So, whether fat Amy is still fat, or we still don’t know who really is Jessica and Ashley, you’ll just smile watching, listening to their story and performances. And maybe cry a little, because this is the last Pitch Perfect film.

Pitch Perfect 3


3 stars

“Pitch Perfect 3” is now showing in Philippine cinemas nationwide from United International Pictures Philippines. Rated PG by the MTRCB.


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