‘Maledicto’ Review: Horror Takes a Different Route


MALEDICTO (2019) Review
Directed by Mark Meily

We usually see horror films focusing on family histories, haunted houses, white ladies or supernatural beings. Mark Meily’s latest horror film, ‘Maledicto,’ the first FOX Philippines-produced film takes horror to a different route.

The film uses exorcism in a crime thriller story. As Father Xavi, played by Tom Rodriguez investigates the cases he’s assigned to, the audience gets to be part of that. Most horror stories usually takes us to the drama of the family, or the history of what plagues a person or a place. But in ‘Maledicto,’ the journey of Father Xavi’s personal issues also affects what is happening around him and the product is creepy.

Tom doesn’t look like he’s going to end up as a priest someday but he delivered his character well. You feel the weight of his character and see him effectively being a trained exorcist – speaking like a smart person and has the sensibilities of a priest.

While I did wish the film could’ve gotten deeper on its characters and maybe go crazier on its scares, ‘Maledicto’ fairly does a horror crime thriller constructively. We don’t get to have a lot of exorcism films in the Philippines and this is a welcome addition.

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‘Maledicto’ is now showing in cinemas nationwide from FOX Philippines, Cignal Entertainment and Unitel Straight Shooters Media, Inc. Rated R-13 by the MTRCB.

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