‘Annabelle Comes Home’ Review: Expanding The Conjuring Universe

Directed by Gary Dauberman

A lot of horror films are coming out lately and with the success of The Conjuring, sequels and spin-offs are made to make the franchise bigger. But Annabelle Comes Home, the home of The Conjuring as advertised, probably is the installment that featured ghosts or creatures the most that will most likely further expand the franchise.

But featuring these ghosts or monsters enough to make this installment worth the watch? Overall, yes but you may think the film is stupid at times, but it’s definitely entertaining.

There are still a few interesting tricks or scares featured in Annabelle Comes Home. It started promising but the middle and the end turned out to be just fine, nothing grand. The story wouldn’t be moving if not for thinly-written plots. You see, you already know that there’s a room full of haunted and cursed objects that one day or another, with someone stupid enough to enter it, there would be havoc. But sure, go ahead, leave your house and your daughter to a baby sitter.

I don’t want to sound like I’m ranting but there are plenty of stupid decisions in the film. But I guess, that’s what the writers wanted, and okay, they are kids anyway. So, forgiving those plot holes and foolish decisions in writing, the film features a decent amount of horror. The people behind the film was right calling it like “Night of the Museum” but in a sort of cursed and evil artifacts kind of way.

I was surprised at times at how these stupid decisions turn the film into something more interesting. And how these new characters navigate the film like a horror house, some of it got me scared, some I thought were ingenious and some feel like this was James Wan.

So, yeah. Annabelle Comes Home isn’t Annabelle: Creation or Wan’s The Conjuring 1 or 2 but there are interesting horror bits that fans would still enjoy and would make them hope for more.

26 Annabelle Comes Home


3 stars

‘Annabelle Comes Home’ is now showing in cinemas from Warner Bros. Pictures. Rated R-13 by the MTRCB.

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