Horror Film Shot in Japan ‘The Missing’ Gets a Spot at the First Metro Manila Summer Film Festival

The only horror film in the first Metro Manila Summer Film Festival, ‘The Missing’ starring Ritz Azul, Joseph Marco and Miles Ocampo honors classic Asian horror movies like ‘The Ring’ and ‘The Grudge.’

Watch the official trailer of ‘The Missing’ below:

It was one peaceful night when Iris (Ritz Azul), a 28-year-old architect, lost her younger sister Nicole to a kidnapping syndicate, which developed her PTSD and hallucinations. One day, her ex-lover Job (Joseph Marco) called her for a restoration job in Saga, Japan. It was for Riku Watanabe’s century old house in Karatsu, Saga. She agreed and flew right away. Riku introduced Iris and Job to his six year old son Aki. Iris also met the intern Len (Miles Ocampo), a Filipina student. 

As soon as they started working, Iris began to experience hauntings in the house, particularly of angry looking yureis. Job dismissed it saying it might be her hallucinations, resulted by her trauma and her stopped medication. Though she agreed, Iris still thinks there is something wrong with the house. She kept convincing herself that she needed the job and the peace of mind. Her suspicions grew when Fumio, one of the local workers, told her about Hitobashira, or the act of human sacrifice.

‘The Missing’ is written and directed by Easy Ferrer (Finding You) for Regal Entertainment, Inc.

Catch the film in cinemas April 11 to April 21 as an official entry to the First Metro Manila Summer Film Festival.

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