Cinema One Originals Favorites ‘Sila-Sila’ and ‘Metamorphosis’ to be Available on iWant this June

Happy Pride Month!

In celebration of Pride Month, the most talked about and awarded films at last year’s Cinema One Originals also center on narratives about the LGBTIA+ community — “Sila-Sila” and “Metamorphosis” will be available to subscribers via pay-per-view for P30.

Sila-Sila is said to be a ghosting story about a man whose breakups tend to be messy and traumatic not only for him but also for the receiving end. When he encounters his ex-boyfriend again, he finds himself rekindling the feelings he thought were long gone already. Starring Gio Gahol and Topper Frabregas, directed by Giancarlo Abrahan.

Metamorphosis is about Adam who was raised like a normal boy until he bled his first menstrual period. Adam was born with two genitals, an intersex who finds himself in a painful transformation that takes him into the ambiguities of fate and desires. Starring Cinema One Originals Best Actor Gold Azeron, Yayo Aguila and Iana Bernardez and directed by J.E. Tiglao.

Other LGBTQIA+ movies such as “Die Beautiful,” “T-Bird At Ako,” “Deadma Walking,” “Working Beks,” ““Ang Dalawang Mrs. Reyes,” and Cinema One Originals “Baka Bukas,” “Rome and Juliet,” “Philippino Story,” “Shift,” Esprit De Corps,” “Seoul Mates,” “Miss Bulalacao,” “Si Chedeng at si Apple” “Changing Partners,” and “2 Cool 2 Be Forgotten” are available on iWant in celebration Pride Month.

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