‘The Last of Us Pilot Episode’ Review: Promising zombie series

Disclaimer, I have not played the video game. I only know that The Last of Us is about zombies in a post-apocalyptic setting. I am a fan of the zombie sub-genre that’s why I am excited to see the execution in this series. Will it offer something new? Will I be more excited after watching the first episode?

Something new? Maybe. But I am very much excited to see the next episodes after watching the pilot. The Last of Us‘ pilot episode builds not just its setting but also how we’ll follow Pedro Pascal’s character Joel’s emotional journey and eventually, Bella Ramsey’s character Ellie as well.

The production design is impressive, the camera works especially that intense scene that felt like one long take is taking everything to the next level, the acting performances are perfect and the makeup and CGI are grand. This series felt like it was intended for the big screen. It’s cinematic.

It has enough drama, enough intriguing characters and storylines for the audience to be glued to the series. The Last of Us proves that you don’t need to overdo beloved franchises to impress its fans. You just need to know what the heart of the story is and be true to it.


The Last of Us is now streaming on HBO Go. New episode drops every Monday, 11AM Philippine time.

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