‘Suzume’ Review: Finding the greater purpose in stunningly animated fantasy romance

SUZUME (2022) Review
Directed by Makoto Shinkai

There’s adventure, there’s romance, there’s fantasy, Makoto Shinkai doesn’t disappoint with his latest animated film, Suzume.

While it’s not my favorite Shinkai film, Suzume is undoubtedly stunningly animated. Every corner, every inch of every scene is just beautiful, you’ll fall in love with the film whether you’re clueless about it or in it for its weirdness. But the beauty in Suzume doesn’t just stop with its animation, the characters are so colorful, the dialogues are smart and the story takes you to places in Japan, while some are fictitious, still feels authentic.

As soon as the two main characters meet, I’m hooked. It’s more straightforward than some of Shinkai’s works but you’ll probably still be puzzled at some of its choices like a person turned into a chair? That’s creative and ingenious! But it showcases an engaging story, one that you can get fond of telling it to other people. A story that gets you immersed not just with the events and the characters but also of how the overall story affects you.

Anime fans whether the traditional or Shinkai fans will love this. Some of it were tailored like manga-turned-anime. It kind of feels like two stories in one movie, and you may feel unsure if the two stories should be told together but the thing is, the second part feels more emotional and it definitely compliments its first half.

Suzume will keep you on the edge of your seats from start to finish. Once the film ends, you’d be begging to watch the next Makoto Shinkai film in an instant.


‘Suzume’ is now showing in cinemas and IMAX Theatres nationwide from Warner Bros. Pictures. Rated PG by the MTRCB.

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