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MOVIE REVIEW: Elemento (2016)

ELEMENTO (2016) Review
Written and Directed by Mark Meily

A surprise presentation from VIVA Films, Elemento turned up, promoted less than a month before its release. This is the first horror film of director Mark Meily which he also wrote, inspired by his experience with his daughter.

Elemento is confused. The concept is somewhat interesting but it did not worked as a whole. While it tries to come up with something new to offer, it can’t escape the cliches its story is built around. Horror films mostly don’t work because it doesn’t know how to isolate its characters and if they do, does it look plausible? The same problem goes with Elemento. The characters doesn’t seem to know how to act properly when they’re in trouble. There’s no problem screaming or calling out loud names in the forest, if these supernatural beings do appear, why not go to a priest or go ask for help from someone you trust? And sometimes the film gets funny in the wrong way.

Cristine Reyes and newcomer Albert Silos gave what they can to what their characters need but the material is the problem. The film may be an example of bad parenting and it wants the audience to understand that it’s not the mother’s fault because she’s alone in nurturing her son but as much as possible, it shouldn’t be. Her child will always be the mother’s top priority or at least that’s what every film including this one presents. But when you’re driving your way to save your son and you crashed and needed the help of your neighbor, you don’t stop for a tea.

It’s not hard to watch Elemento though, for a horror film. The film is well-lit and framed properly. But maybe it could’ve been developed better if it wasn’t released that soon but if it was intended to be that way, then it failed to even give what a normal audience wants from a horror film. And that is to scare.

6 Elemento


1.5 Stars

“Elemento” is now showing in Philippine cinemas nationwide from VIVA Films. Rated R-13 by the MTRCB.

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