Director Richard Somes on creating a new monster for ‘Shake Rattle & Roll Extreme’

Undin, aswang, killer refrigerator, clown-possessed TV, a heart-eating eyeless monster that lives in a train station, and more. Regal Entertainment, Inc. has been giving us monsters ever since the hit horror franchise Shake Rattle & Roll began.

And now on its comeback on its 16th edition titled Extreme, one episode titled Glitch, directed by Richard Somes, will introduce a new monster that will haunt the audiences in the sleep.

So we asked director Somes some questions on his episode Glitch and about horror movies.

Shake Rattle and Roll franchise is also known for its creatures or monsters, how was it like creating a new monster that will scare the audiences?

“Challenging din ang paggawa ng mga bagong monsters and creatures because you need to be updated din with the new style and taste the audience expect to see. So you need to make it more believable and at the same time, you want to make it doable also and practikal. So, it needs to be innovative pa din.”

You’re known for gory movies, can you say that your Glitch episode in Shake Rattle and Roll Extreme will also be gory?

“Mas tame na ngayon ng kaunti ang episode kasi klaro naman sa akin na ang Shake Rattle and Roll ay kailangan din makuha ang sensibilidad ng mga bata. So, in a way, I need to work around din sa pananaw ng lahat ng audience. Pero ang set ups ng horror dito is kailangan nakakatakot pa rin. So kailangan tasteful pa rin ang atake sa lahat.”

Can you share what’s the scariest horror film that kept you up at night when you were young?

“The Manananggal episode of the first Shake Rattle and Roll starring Herbert Bautista and directed by Peque Gallaga. ‘Yan ang nakakatakot na horror movie for me noon bata ako at hanggang ngayon classic pa din.”

Movie viewers are very different now, what are the challenges of doing horror movies today?

The challenges are kailangan bago na ang attack mo sa horror, most especially with the advent of online platforms. So medyo global and critical na lalo ang mga audience. You need to keep up with the time and what you put there na ma-discover mo sa style mo to make your horror scenes fresh and at the same time, scarier and original.

Glitch episode of Shake Rattle and Roll Extreme stars Iza Calzado, Angel Guardian, Miggs Cuaderno and Donna Cariaga. Rage by director Joey de Guzman stars Jane de Leon, AC Bonifacio, Elle Villanueva, Rob Gomez, Paolo Gumabao, Sarah Edwards, Mika Reins, Dustin Yu and Bryce Eusebio. And Mukbang stars Jane Oineza, RK Bagatsing, Phi Palmos, Esnyr, Ninong Ry, Ian Ginema and Paul Salas.

‘Shake Rattle and Roll Extreme’ opens in cinemas November 29, 2023 from Regal Entertainment, Inc.

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